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About Us

Welcome to iWixer, your go-to web-based appstore exclusively designed for iPhone and iPad users. At iWixer, we bring you an exceptional collection of iOS apps, including Short1ra, ImPixer, iOSPack Store, and iThemeHub. Our journey is built on the foundation of delivering excellence, innovation, and top-notch user experiences to the iOS community.

Who We Are

At iWixer, we’re a team of passionate tech enthusiasts committed to curating a selection of the finest applications for your iOS devices. Our dedication to quality and user satisfaction drives us to continually explore iOS customizations, unique wallpapers, and more fantastic experiences for users.

Our Featured Apps

Short1ra: Short1ra is a collection of iPhone tweaks. Discover rare tweaks (shortcuts) that automate and simplify iPhone and iPad use with ease. Streamline your digital life in seconds.

ImPixer: ImPixer is your gateway to a premium and futuristic iPhone wallpaper collection. Elevate your device’s aesthetics with our exclusive range of stunning wallpapers that redefine the art of personalization.

iOSPack Store: Get ready to explore a treasure trove of iOS applications. iOSPack Store brings you a curated selection of top-notch apps, enhancing your iOS experience in ways you’ve never imagined.

iThemeHub: Transform your iOS device into a personalized masterpiece with iThemeHub. Discover an array of unique and stylish themes that allow you to make your iPhone or iPad truly your own.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple yet profound – to provide iPhone and iPad users with easy access to innovative and top-quality applications that enhance their digital lives. We believe that every app should be an asset, and we’re dedicated to helping you get the best experience for your iPhone and iPad.

Why choose iWixer?

Curated Excellence: We handpick each app to ensure it meets our stringent quality standards, making your app selection process hassle-free.

User-Centric Experience: Your satisfaction is our top priority. We constantly strive to make your experience on iWixer seamless and enjoyable.

Diverse Selection: From productivity tools to creative resources, we have apps for every aspect of your digital life.

Constant Innovation: We keep an eye on the latest trends and updates, ensuring you have access to the most cutting-edge iOS apps.

iWixer Appstore

At iWixer, we’re more than just a third party web-based app store; we develop web-apps for new experiences for iPhone and iPad users. These are easy to use and 100% safe apps for users.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is here to help you make the most of your iDevice customization.

Thank you for choosing iWixer as your iOS app destination. Explore our apps, personalize your devices, and discover what the future of iOS has in store for you. Welcome to iWixer – Where iOS Innovation Meets You!